About XGMA

   The energy-saving products of XGMA benefit the mankind. In recent years, XGMA increases the investment in technology development, and speeds up the research of whole machines and spare parts, especially in energy saving technology that has brought about important results. XGMA not only developed and produced China’s first natural gas wheel loader in 2010, but also expressed the idea of environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction; XGMA continuously improves product performance, such as developing wheel loader with quick change device, which can change quickly or articulate various working devices freely to adapt to different working conditions and contents, thus making full use of the different functions of products; Road Machinery Business Division also developed all kinds of environmental sanitation facilities: road sweeper, snow-moving machines, and compactors, etc.; in addition, there is small and lightweight skid steer loader, which can also be equipped with advanced quick change device at any time to become a small wheel loader, snow-moving machine, deicing vehicle or garbage collector.
   In addition, XGMA spares no effort in actively developing excavators with oil hybrid power supply and will soon realize mass production; in the core components, XGMA has been working together with suppliers such as engines suppliers to discuss research and development program to improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. XGMA, with her practical actions, now upholds the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable economy to develop more energy-saving products and reduce resource consumption and the pollution to the environment.
   In the natural disasters such as tsunami in the Philippines, earthquake in Wenchuan of Sichuan Province, earthquake in Yushu of Qinghai Province, and earthquake in Iran, we can see the products of XGMA in the operations of disaster reliefs. After the occurrence of natural disasters, XGMA took the first to react immediately and organize, in the shortest possible time, a large number of manpower, materials and financial resources, with urgently needed equipment such as wheel loaders and excavators, and rushed to help the disaster areas. In the Wenchuan earthquake, XGMA wheel loader successfully rescued two survivors, showing the very “Courageous” spirit of XGMA, and highlighting the unswerving will of XGMA to closely relate the development of enterprise with social responsibility and shoulder the due responsibilities and obligations as an enterprise.