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XGMA CARE Algeria Visit

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The sun in the hot summer parched the earth, but high temperature still could not prevent XGMA going deep to the market and paying a return visit to the customers.
On August 24, 2013, 5 members from XGMA CARE team, with their luggage after preparation, set out from Xiamen to Algeria in the North Africa for their trip of customer care.
According to the statistics, for the brands of engineering machineries of China exported to Algeria in 2012, XGMA had a sales volume of 495 sets, ranking the first in the industry. Over years' intensive development in Algeria market, now XGMA brand has had certain popularity and influence in Algeria, the products of XGMA, especially forklift truck, have had certain market volume.
Algeria is an important export market of XGMA (an export of more than 200 sets in the first half of 2013), the XGMA CARE team mainly investigated forklift products with the forklift truck end customers as the interviewees, meanwhile, in combination with the key promotion of new products of XGMA in 2013, the team introduced H series loader, E series excavator and E series forklift truck to the dealers and customers in Algeria and carried out product recommendation, repair training, equipment repair and customer care from many aspects in a all-round way.
XGMA CARE team in Algeria visited Alger, Chlef, Tizouzou, Bejaia, and Biskra etc. At Alger headquarters, XGMA CARE introduced H series loader, E series excavator and forklift truck E series to be newly listed in the next year. Technician Zhuang Bin and product specialist Cheng Zhenhuan respectively made PPT presentation and explanation to the products above and explained the upgrading of new products of XGMA with a more stable performance and high operation efficiency and solved the doubts on site, inspected and repaired the problems of oil leakage at wheel reducer of drive axle of forklift truck and of the connection of torque converter oil pipe and radiator, communicated the repair experience, and summarized the feedback of after-sales service of the products.

Appearance of dealer 4S store

Advertisement banner outside the dealer store

CARE team viewing the demonstrator of dealer

On the first day of the trip, CARE team went to Chlef to visit an end user purchasing XG825LC and repaired the GPS locking problem of the customer's equipment. Later, the team visited the secondary dealer of Group Amouri in the local place. The secondary dealer is mainly engaged in gasoline station and sells machinery (mainly forklift truck, also including heavy truck and excavator etc.) with sales of 10 sets of forklift trucks in the busy period. The secondary dealer proposed the suggestions on improving air filter inlet pipe; glass reinforced plastic hood and increasing the accessories of cargo forklift truck. The team accepted the suggestions with satisfaction and expressed that they would further concern and solve the problem of cracking and poor weathering resistance of secondary air filter inlet pipe of the forklift truck.

CARE team repairing excavator XG825LC

CARE team taking photo with dealer and Chlef end customer

In the city Tiziouzou more than 100km away from the capital Alger, CARE team first visited a large limestone quarry in the suburb, which had a XGMA XG962 loader, as it had high operation strength and equips 4m3 bucket, its loader has always been in an overloading state and could not work normally. After adjusting, the service technician eliminated the problem temporarily and the loader could work normally. In addition, against the work condition characteristics of the customer, the team specially advised the customer and operator to pay more attention to the machine maintenance and service.

XG962 loader of Tiziouzou end customer

XGMA technician Zhuang Bin checking XG962 loader

CARE team discussing the equipment conditions with dealers and customers

After leaving lime-sandstone collecting field, CARE team moved towards another customer in Tiziouzou. This customer sells brick machine and cement etc., and is also involved in transport industry, with an XG530-DT2 two-stage full free forklift truck and a XG932III loader. These machines are kept for over 2 year and currently are running in good condition. This customer understands the common sense of maintenance and service of machines very well, and conducts daily maintenance. No problem has occurred to the machines, and he is very satisfied with XGMA's machine.

XG530-DT2 brick factory operation

CARE team learning about operation conditions of the loaders from the end customer

CARE team taking photo with the customer in the masonry factory

After bidding farewell to the customer, CARE team continued to move forward to visit the secondary dealer in Tiziouzou. The dealer has the best sales condition in this region, selling about 15 forklift trucks every month in average. Besides, the team learnt the local selling price of two models and gave recommendations for improving inventory condition to dealers.

Tiziouzou secondary dealer's store

CARE team viewing the inventory of the secondary dealer

Although raided by dust storm and rainstorm in the trip, CARE team still kept on moving. First of all, they visited a beverage factory in Blida. This beverage factory owns 12 XGMA forklift trucks. This customer has the most demands forklift trucks around the capital Algiers, and CARE team obtained a lot of customer feedbacks and demands. The customer mainly fed back that the temperature of water tank increased quickly as the operation environment has high temperature. To this feedback, CARE team said poor ventilation will also lead to poor heat dissipation, meanwhile, accepted the advice, promised to improve the fan, radiator and relevant places in the future, and instructed them some common senses of equipment maintenance and service on the site.


CARE team technicians communicating with the customer about the condition of equipments

CARE team taking photo with the boss of the beverage factory etc.

After leaving the beverage factory, on the way to Biskra, CARE team visited a sand and gravel yard in the desert and paid a return visit for the service condition of XG962 loader. Staff in the yard said that it was really tough for the equipments of XGMA to function well in such a hostile environment. XGMA equipments improved his work efficiency. For some problems of the equipments, CARE team reminded that under this operating condition, more attention should be paid to maintenance and service. The customer appreciated the service of CARE and learnt a lot of thing in the communication.

XG962 working at the desert sand and gravel yard

Equipments inspection

CARE team taking photo with the customer in front of XGMA equipment

In Biskra, CARE team visited the retail store of the company selling XGMA parts. The assembly company cooperates with Sarl Soframimex, a dealer of XGMA, which provides the local parts of XGMA equipments. In the warehouse, parts of XGMA loader, excavator, forklift truck pavement and etc. are basically complete.

CARE team visiting the parts company

Then, CARE team moved towards the secondary dealer’s workshop in Biskra and visited the complete machine and parts warehouse and the workshop.

Biskra loaders in stock

Biskra workshop and parts warehouse

Dealer-owned forklift trucks

XGMA genuine parts

Dealer's service vehicle

In the afternoon of that day, CARE team went on visiting a loader customer in Biskra. The customer led them to go around the loader to show its condition and raised many constructive advices such as improving power relay and conveniences of operability. Zhuang Bin, a loader technician from XGMA, overhauled XG958 power relay, fault in handle switch of turn light for the customer.

Technician Zhuang Bin inspecting and repairing the equipment

CARE team taking photo with customers in Biskra to mark the occasion

For products, considering demand of Algerian customers to match 4 cubic meters nonstandard car hopper for 6T loader, the business unit will improve some part of configurations of XG962 according to local market conditions, so as to improve its flux to be more efficient. For series of E new products of forklift trucks, CARE team has reached an agreement with dealers about the configuration demand for next order of forklift trucks, such as container plan, selection of crane span structures, solid tyre, distance from radiator to accessories and fans. These requirements will be improve in the production after the team goes home.
During more than 4 days of visiting, XGMA CARE team realized that customers accepted XGMA brand and its products. Because XGMA brand accessed to Algerian market in an early time, so many end customers are regular ones and they have deep affection towards XGMA. Moreover, many customers were very surprised at CARE team’s visiting and said such activity was very rare in the industry, especially rare in a period of “winter” that excess engineering machineries are produced in the whole world. But XGMA still tries its best to pay a return visit, which is hard to achieve.
Through this activity, XGMA CARE team gets many pertinent advices and suggestions. When looking at XGMA machines working in harsh environment with high temperature and plenty sand, team members feel delighted. Nowadays, in such severe marketing environment, customers’ trust and support provide an inexhaustible motive force for XGMA. Advices and suggestions, provided on the condition that customers love XGMA and XGMA products, are most precious experience. May XGMA and XGMA products have a bright future. After this activity, the team will continue to follow up training program for customers and have a summary for this activity to provide to relevant business departments such as loader department, excavator department, forklift truck department to make improvement and analyze maintenance and demand. Carry out down-to-earth service: take advices form market; gain more customers’ trust and support by improving products and service.
As a responsible leading enterprise of Chinese engineering machinery, XGMA explores a new road in addition to regular marketing mode and wins a good reputation that other Chinese brands have not. When facing with demands and problems, no matter they are good or bad, XGMA can response quickly and improve every aspect of business efficiently, so as to satisfy the customers. In this XGMA CARE activity, CARE team upholds the spirit of daring to act and being responsible for each dealer and end customer, carrying forward the enterprise culture of XGMA - Creative Idea, Daring to Act, Cooperation, and Being Transcendent.
Attached picture: sign for XGMA CARE trip: people’s hands holding together in a circle to show cooperative spirit of XGMA and dealers; concentric circles draw outline of the earth and metaphorize that care from XGMA spreads all over the world, as well as manifest core value of XGMA brand, all-around service and gratitude to customers; for its color, main colors of XGMA, yellow, blue and red, supplementing with light grey, form a harmonious visual impression as well as sublimate the theme.

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