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Commercial Counselor of Embassy of DRC Ms. Wang Weili Visits XGMA

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Aug. 14, commercial counselor of embassy of the DemocraticRepublic of Congo (hereinafter referred to as DRC) Ms. Wang Weili and herentourage paid a visit to XGMA. Accompanied by XGMA CEO Mr. Bai and otherleaders, counselor Ms. Wang Weili visited assembly line of XGMA wheel loaderand excavator. After visiting the production site, counselor Ms. Wang and herentourage watched propaganda film of XGMA profile and had a heated discussionwith XGMA leaders on various aspects of needs when XGMA products’ march intoDRC market.

Counselor Ms. Wang Weili visits assembly line of wheelloader

XGMA CEO Mr. Bai first introduced XGMA development history andall the production series. And the GM of International Trade Division Mr. Weng introducedthe global market network distribution of XGMA products, as well as the statusof African sales spot. Later Mr. Weng brought up the project recommendation ofXGMA products marching into DRC market.  

Heateddiscussion on various needs for XGMA products entering into the DRC market

Being a careful listener, Counselor Ms. Wang talked about thecountry profile of the DRC and her experience. Since the assumption of duty,she kept making positive communication with local tribes, getting knowing localeconomy, culture and customs. “ The more I get to know the DRC, the more effectiveour work becomes.” She said. Before each formal negotiation with Chineseenterprises, she would help both sides get to know each other in way ofthinking and conception, fully communicate the cooperation information and tryto shorten the run-in period, finally in a large degree, to grasp businessopportunity and open a win-win prospect for enterprises of both sides.

After field visit of XGMA products, counselor Ms. Wang indicateda good opportunity for XGMA in the DRC- “especially the great market demand ofwheel loader with log clamp, the salary for clamping a log reaches to USD50.” She said.

Counselor WangWeili introduces the DRC profile and her experience

Counselor Ms. Wang also emphasized that people of theDRC are very friendly to Chinese folks. As far as she knows, there is no singlehostile attack event happened against Chinese citizen in the DRC. Right now itis the transitional period for Chinese economy. Chinese enterprises areencouraged to “walk out”, “walk into the DRC market to make their progress”.  XGMA fully agrees with this point of view. Withthe great market potential, XGMA will ‘walk out’ and bring high-qualityproducts and thorough after-sales service into the DRC market.

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