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XGMA Debuted In INTERMAT 2012

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On April 16, XGMA attended INTERMAT, one of the three international exhibitions of construction machinery - France international construction machinery exhibition. This exhibition gathers complete-set products and diversified equipment and components on the industrial chain from the world leading construction and industrial equipment manufacturers, and serves as a global platform for manufacturers to showcase their innovative products and technologies. XGMA presented its 60-year historical accumulation into a grand banquet, demonstrating its determination and courage to bring China Brand into European market.

 (XGMA booth)

XGMA debuted in France exhibition, with the booth area of 542.5m². It altogether exhibited five categories totaling eleven products, including loaders, road machineries, excavators, minimal machines and industrial vehicles, etc. What was specially deserved to be mentioned was XGMA’s main mini-loaders XG902 and XG904 targeting European market, which was energy-saving, environmental, efficient, and applicable to European ranches and mini infrastructures. Such mini-loaders were light to operate with small and beautiful shape. This debut drew attention from media both at home and abroad, such as World Highways, Daily News and Science & Technology Daily, etc.

(Customers visited XGMA booth)

In current exhibition, cooperating with products demonstration and pavilion arrangement, XGMA showed its over 60-year growth footprints with staffs, customers, dealers, shareholders and community. During the period of exhibition, China’s embassy to France commercial counselor First secretary Zhu Jianyi specially visited XGMA booths. Secretary Zhu praised the fine decoration of the exhibition, and encouraged XGMA, as one of China’s flagship construction machinery enterprises, to actively participate in such large-scale professional industry exhibitions. It is meaningful for XGMA to learn firsthand information via exhibitions, and harken market demand and further understand European and American market, for the purpose of catching up with the industry benchmark and entering into European and American high-end market in future, and realizing global network sales layout.

At this exhibition, XGMA cooperated with European dealers a step further, reaching more explicit cooperation fields and more specific sales targets, and other European new cooperation projects were on the way. On the other hand, XGMA intended to expand influence with the help of professional audiences at INTERMAT. It was well-known that, besides European and American purchasers, a mass of Middle East and African purchasers were also major customers coming to this exhibition. Middle East and Africa are always key markets of XGMA overseas business, so the negotiation with customers of these regions can help know its market features, and promote the partnership between XGMA and local enterprises and customers of Middle East and Africa. Moreover, this exhibition strengthened the radiation effects on the regions, especially on Middle East and African markets, meanwhile giving great impetus to brand promotion and enterprise international image. More importantly, by virtue of current exhibition, XGMA conducted further communication with industry elites in aspects of products, technology, marketing and channels, and continued to make breakthrough to build and perfect international marketing system, extend XGMA overseas market blueprint, and highlight the enterprise development theme of international XGMA.
By now, XGMA has set up tens of dealers at different levels overseas, with the products successively exported to about 40 countries and regions, such as Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, South Africa and Ethiopia, etc. With constant perfection of dealers’ network, and progressive coverage of service work, and increasing growth of overseas sales, in the first quarter of sales this year, XGMA loaders’ sales in Q1 this year increased by 100% as compared with the prior same period.

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