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XGMA as the First Chinese Construction Machinery Brand Participate in the Rescue of Typhoon Disaster in Philippine

Date de publication:2013-11-28 11:26:27 Visiteur:

The thirtieth named storm of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season had landed on Philippine on 8th Oct. 2013. It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 5,500 people in the country alone.

On 20th, Oct. the first batch of XG932H loaders lined up and set off from Manila to Visayas under polices’ escort, collaborate with government to carry out humanism rescue. 

The batch equipment is purchased by Makati government. As the first Chinese construction machinery brand participate in the rescue in Philippine, XGMA dealer in Philippine Transequip actively responds to the call of government and cooperate with the relief effort. Transequip deploys rescue equipment in the first time showing a humanitarian spirit.

Xg932h Wheel Loaders Prepared For the Rescue

Machines Is Under Escort to The Disaster Area


So far, the main task of disaster area is to clean up the ruins after the typhoon swept. XG932Hwheel loader has high dumping height and good dumping reach with energy-efficient. It is the very useful machine in the rescue task to dredging after the natural disaster.

Besides the typhoon in Philippine, XGMA’s products were also involved in the rescue operations of other natural disasters such as the earthquake in Iran, the earthquake in Wenchuan, China’s Sichuan Province, and the earthquake in Yushu, China’s Qinghai Province. Each time after the disaster, XGMA would be able to take action in the earliest time possible. This attitude has inspired many XGMA dealers. The sense of social responsibility and the respect for life have enabled them to work together in disaster relief actions.

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