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XGMA Makes Appearance at BICES 2013

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From October 15 to 18, XGMA attended BICES 2013 in Beijing and showed its exhibits in an area of 1,200 m2. By showing energy-saving and environmentally friendly LNG series loaders and excavators, XGMA demonstrated the image of an enterprise devoted to technological research and development of energy-saving and environmental products, and also greatly promoting the market application of those products.

Over the past 62 years, XGMA has always insisted on independent technological innovation, continuous R&D capability building and devotion to development, application and popularization of new energy. In order to achieve optimal effects in energy saving and emission reduction, XGMA established a research institute and conducted environment-friendly engine R&D to effectively lower fuel consumption jointly with engine manufacturers; improved the patent technology of XGMA – a dual-pump confluence and divided-flow, flow-amplified, steering priority, relief hydraulic system, to effectively promote the transformation and availability of working energy; it has optimized cooling systems and performed complete machine matching to ensure a more reasonable structure of the complete machine and tried to reduce parasitic power loss; it has taken the reality of ergonomic design into full consideration and applied noise reduction and shock absorption measures to improve operation comfort and ensure the personal health of the users. Site fuel consumption and emission tests show that comprehensive fuel consumption can save nearly 30% in costs compared with diesel engines, with efficiency utilization improving by nearly 20% and CO emissions reducing by 90%.
For example, the clean, environment-friendly and low carbon features of the LNG natural gas loader XG956H of XGMA almost reached the target of zero pollutant emissions. Under conventional working conditions, use-costs of LNG power fuel are about 30% more economical than that of diesel, with more than 100,000 yuan saved every year. Meanwhile, the complete machine is low-noise and operation comfort is stable. With green glass and ultraviolet-proof functions, it can also reduce the visual fatigue of the users.

In 2010, the first CNG natural gas loader XG955CNG was born in XGMA, and was exported to Thailand and overseas markets in batches. In 2011, XGMA finished volume production of the loader XG955CNG, excavator XG822CNG and forklift XG535B series of products and launched them successfully. In 2013, the first LNG natural gas excavator XG822LNG in China was put into service in Jinan City and the volume production layout of loader XG955HLNG and XG956HLNG series of products was finished, which were also launched successively. Now, XGMA has taken the lead in realizing serialized and scaled-up production of new-generation clean energy LNG technology development and application in the engineering machinery industry of China.
For the purpose of greatly promoting market application of energy-saving and environmental products, XGMA has held new product arrival experiences, promotion in peak seasons and other marketing activities since 2010 in all regions of China. Moreover, XGMA has also held lively and interesting operation challenges such as fixed point shooting, hanging tyres, cutting tofu on eggs, piling up champagne glasses, etc to perform live demonstrations and experiences of energy-saving and environmental products to users face-to-face. As of now, it has successfully held more than 2,000 similar marketing activities and over 20,000 users have tried and experienced the energy-saving and environmental products of XGMA.
Meanwhile, for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution by engineering machinery products that are about to be scrapped, XGMA increases the incremental benefit of the user using XGMA’s products with the old for new activity, and remanufactures the recycled scrapped products to give new life to them through resource integration and full utilization. Currently, XGMA has achieved phased results in remanufacturing technology and will successively launch the remanufactured cab samples and remanufactured loader samples by the end of the year. It is known that engineering machinery remanufacturing technology in China is still in the initial stages. When it becomes mature, the remanufactured products can reach the level of original new products in quality and performance, however with the cost only about 50% of new products, energy saving of about 60% and material saving of about 70%, it will become one of the optimal approaches to resolving resource wastage, environmental pollution and used products renovation.
During the BICES exhibition, besides highlighting the green science and technology concepts of “energy-saving, low consumption, high efficiency and environmental protection” by emphasizing new-energy technical products, loader XG956HLNG and XG822LNG, XGMA also specially presents the improvement and promotion of its series products in hydraulic parts, cab, pump and other key components as well as quality upgrading of complete machines to show the latest “intelligent” manufacturing level of XGMA in recent years. For instance, as for traditional carry-scrapers, there is not only the XG956H, which adopts quantitative variable hydraulic system and can provide higher demand pressure for the system with fuel consumption saved by more than 12%, but also the XG806 and the XG809E reaching Euro III emission standards. For small machinery, the XGS07R is available, utilizing a closed hydrostatic driving system and DA control with flexible operation and efficient energy-saving. For road machinery, the full-hydraulic light vibratory roller, the XG6041D, adopting advanced hydrostatic drive technology with very high cost performance and others are available.
It is reported that energy-saving and environmental products of XGMA are gradually developing into the new economic growth point of XGMA.
Link: Introduction to some products
E series – 3 ton internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck
Features a fashionable appearance, simple and concise style, full smartness; advanced ergonomic design; high-quality hydraulic components, superior performance of complete machine; safety concept inheritance and mature energy-saving technology.
XG622MH single drum vibratory roller
Features optimal designed main clutch control system, with high hydraulic oil tank and high-emission plunger pump and piston motor for hydraulic vibration system; integral fiberglass cover and streamlined structure for the engine; new-type engine with reinforced overall rigidity, and instrument mound with adjustable angle.
XG3180C land leveler
Configured with a six-shift gearbox from Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co, Ltd; three-level deceleration for drive axle, imported NOSPIN differential mechanism; hydraulic clamp disc service braking system composed of famous brand hydraulic components; configured with air-conditioning, broad, bright, full-view and full-sealed cab, steering wheel and control lever with adjustable angle and height.
XG833EH excavator
Equipped with a high-quality AA-6HKIXQP turbocharged engine (with intercooling device) of Isuzu; integral large-capacity prefilter and oil-water separator, air filter of original packaging and three level air intake filter; perfect matching of advanced negative flow feedback system and electrical control ESS; high-grade 5.7-inch LCD of matte surface to achieve high-light and multi-view clear display; sturdy and durable special chassis for mines, reinforced guide mechanism; large arm and small arm working device with enhanced design for mines, and short bucket arm matching a 1.6 m3 rock bucket.

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