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XGMA Lays a Solid Foundation by Participating in CTT 2013

Date de publication:2013-6-18 14:39:14 Visiteur:

CTT 2013,also known as the 14th International Show of Construction Equipmentand Technologies in English, was recently held in Moscow. During thisexhibition XGMA presented 9 choice machinery products, centering mainly on itsloaders and road machines while paying adequate attention to expanding itsother product lines.

Thanksto its huge potential and strong momentum for growth, the Pan-Russian markethas been increasingly attracting the attention of numerous engineering machinery manufacturers. By showcasing its exhibits on an allocated area of 830square meters, XGMA successfully made its message of "Your PowerfulSolution" known to all visitors. In fact, it displayed 9 products thatfell under such categories as loaders, excavators, road rollers, graders,bulldozers, and forklifts, with a view to enhancing its diversified marketing strategy by pushing out a greater number of types of product. During the eventmany customers who paid a visit showed a strong interest in the products, withseveral sales closed on the spot for the models of XG935III, XG821, andXG31651, and other letters of intent and orders expected to come in soon.

Amongthose presented at the event was XG982H, a product fitted with an importedelectrically-controlled diesel engine from Cummings Inc. that complies with the Euro III standard for emissions. Some of its major components, including itsgearbox, driving axle, and hydraulic system, are actually imported products fromfamed international brands. Also on display at the event was XG935III, a model that is capable of making quick changes and that had been designed with theoperating conditions common to most Russian customers in mind. In fact, thisproduct is capable of quickly switching between a number of componentsspecially designed to be mutually quick-changeable, including a bucket, afour-in-one bucket, a timber fork, and a cargo fork. Not only does it guaranteeease of operation, but it boasts a scientific design, thereby resulting inimproved operating efficiency. On the site of XGMA's exhibition, many customershad the precious opportunity to experience its exhibits at very close range andnoted their satisfaction with various aspects of these products including performance.

In its exhibition area, XGMA reached a consensus on the possibility of future collaboration with Russian dealers like NTK and TR, thereby laying a solid foundation for maintaining steady growth in the loader and road roller businesses where XGMA had traditionally enjoyed a competitive edge while expanding its efforts to marketits excavator, bulldozer, forklift, and other products and making breakthroughs in its drive toward diversified marketing. Major dealers and customers from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries and regions also made their intention to cooperate in the future formally known to XGMA's exhibition staff.Considering the visiting customers' satisfaction with the professionalism that XGMA demonstrated in staging its show at CTT Moscow 2013, the recognition among customers of XGMA as a famed brand will be strengthened, and so will its reachinto various regions around the world, particularly the Russian, EasternEuropean, and Central Asian markets.

XGMAhas enjoyed rapid growth overseas in recent years, and its team tasked withfurthering the company's international marketing cause has been implementingthe corporate internationalization strategy and policies step by step andspeeding up its expansion overseas. Setting its sights on the entire globe,XGMA is now planning to establish a number of sales and service bases andexplore the possibility of developing new cooperation projects on certainmarkets. In short, keeping an eye on integrating every link of its business process-- including research and development, supply, production, sales, logistics,and after-sales services -- into an organic whole, XGMA aims to expand itsreach across the globe, including the Asian, Pan-Russian, European, African, andLatin American markets, and to make contributions to engineering constructionin various countries, thereby bringing benefits to customers.

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