• Capacidad del cubo: 3.0-5.0m³ Peso de funcionamiento: 21000kg Energía clasificada: 191kw

Características de producto

Excellent Performance Equipped with rated load of 6500KG, 4.0m3 standard bucket capacity (the bucket capacity can be optional between 3.0-5.0 m3 according to the working conditions) and 26.5-25PR size tire, XG968N has strong loading capacity and suitable for heavy duty working conditions. The total cycle time (lifting-loading-descending) : 10s3450mm long wheelbase, horizontal cylinder layout, big breakout force (over 200KN) and strong loading capacity is the advantage of XG968N wheel loader. The optimized design of the working device, the reinforced fork-shaped structure front and rear frame, and the high-strength torsion-resistant rear frame with a closed box-shaped section has higher carrying capacity and can meet the requirements of heavy-duty working conditions. The use of dual-pump combined and split hydraulic system and the patented heavy-load unloading technology, which guarantee energy-saving and high-efficiency in work.The engine is with customized high-power, high-torque and electronically controlled Tier III emission which makes XG968N with a variety of light to heavy working conditions. Reliable and Durable Performance The frame adopts double-row tapered roller bearing structure with hinged joints in the middle, which increases the distance between upper and lower hinges, which has stronger bearing capacity and higher reliability.Adopting ZF automatic shifting gearbox and Meritor heavy-duty drive axle, the transmission is reliable and efficient, the driving operation is simple and comfortable, the gear shift is smooth, and the performance is stable and reliable. Using a single-row horizontal aluminum heat dissipation system, the cross-sectional area of the radiator is larger, and the heat dissipation effect is better. The new hood side door has better ventilation and heat dissipation performance, and the power machine is more efficient.The optimized the whole machine management and wiring harness layout, increased the pipe line fixed point, which effectively prevents the pipe line from wearing out and improves the reliability and service life. A new generation Heavy Duty King Wheel Loader.