Ⅰ Service Concept of XGMA

1. User satisfaction concept

The user is the biggest investor of an enterprise, therefore, we stick to the principle of “user first”.

2. Training concept

Talents are the key to enterprise competition.

XGMA is committed to training of a large number of service personnel withhigh-grade specialized level, only by improving self service awareness, reinforcing business quality and professional skills and wholly advancing XGMA service quality, can the service personnel better guide service for users, foster the loyalty and reliability of users on XGMA products, advance the position of XGMA in engineering machinery industry, as a result, the competition advantages of XGMA products can be guaranteed.

3. Information management concept

The present society is an Information-based society integrating talents, funds and technology, XGMA pays full attention to information collection and management and resource integration, meanwhile, we must often make communications and exchanges with users, maintain the old users, develop the new users and foster the lifetime users, build the relations of mutual trust and channels for extending information, only after more reliable information resources and loyal users are available, can we possess stronger competitive advantages and bigger development space in the steep competition market condition.

Ⅱ Service Department Institution of XGMA Products

Contact means of XGMA parts & product service department

Tel: +86-592-5822357

Fax: +86-592-5822378

Mailbox: XGMA_Service@xiagong.com

Office address

21FL, CCRE Tower, No.668 Xiahe Road, Xiamen ,361004,China

Factory address

No.668 Xiagong Machinery Industrial Park, Guankou Town, Xiamen,

Fujian (Postal code: 361023)

Ⅲ Basic Service Range and Requirements of XGMA Dealer

1. Service range

• Reception of new machines and parts

• Keeping for XGMA machines to be sold

• Delivery service

• Regular maintenance service

• After-sales maintenance and failure shooting

• Parts sales and keeping

• Parts warranty and Warranted old parts management

• Trail visit of service quality

• Service information feedback

• Product service training

2. Service requirements

• Carefully Implement acceptance of XGMA new machine, and do maintenance and management according to XGMA inventory management system. In case of accidents resulted from vehicle moving or parts damage or missing due to improper keeping, the dealer shall restore the vehicle to such status of meeting technical standards, can’t sell unqualified vehicles to users.

• Provide delivery service and regular maintenance service to XGMA users according to codes, if there is any question, please give timely information feedback to XGMA product service department.

• Give timely quality keeping information of vehicles and parts inventory to XGMA sales representative or XGMA product service department, avoiding quality loss due to delayed handling.

• Service department of XGMA dealer shall provide timely, efficient, specialized and satisfactory maintenance and warranty service to XGMA users meeting maintenance and warranty conditions, it can’t refuse reasonable requirements put forward by users in any way and reason, and can’t provide false claim application to users.

• It shall cooperate with XGMA to deal with quality complaints of users, the authorized dealer of XGMA, as one of the representatives of XGMA, can’t refuse quality complaints of users.

• XGMA dealer shall provide efficient information feedback to XGMA product service department in time; help XGMA to establish communication channel with users to jointly improve service capacity and level for users.