Ⅰ Parts sales

1. Principle of cooperation

Based on integrity and mutual benefit

1.1XGMA machine dealer shall follow XGMA parts business mode and service demands;

1.2The dealer shall follow and safeguard XGMA packing image of parts, and can’t imitate the XGMA parts with such parts purchased from other channels and equipped with XGMA packing; if the dealer fails to use XGMA parts on XGMA machine, all results incurred therein shall be borne by itself, and XGMA headquarter won't provide warranty service. 

1.3For the direct users in the area where the dealer locates, the dealer has the right to recommend the original parts to the users under the same conditions.

1.4XGMA headquarter will provide technology innovation of parts in a timely and efficient manner.

2. Parts purchasing suggestions

2.1XGMA must purchase a batch of maintenance parts, vulnerable parts and common parts when it has sold a set of XGMA machine, in principle, total price for parts can’t be less than 10% of machine to guarantee after-sales timely and sufficient supply of parts. For example: filter elements, bucket lip, sharp plate, bulb and brake pad can be used for daily maintenance; the common spare parts are used in daily maintenance, therefore, the purchasing can be based on suggestions of XGMA product service department. (For example: spare parts for one set in a year, and spare parts for five sets in a year)

2.2The dealer shall provide accurate names and PDM of parts when purchasing needed parts to prevent unnecessary losses resulted from false-post parts. (refer to XGMA parts catalog or parts catalog (electronic version), in case of unsure parts or failure, please attach photos; the photos shall contain part purchasing close-up, expressing installation position of this part and position of the component to which this part belongs on the


3. Parts price

3.1XGMA can, dependent on market situation or parts cost and other uncertain change factors, make temporary adjustment for the parts price, therefore, the price is dependent on actual quotation of XGMA headquarter. 

3.2To encourage the batch purchase, when some category products are ordered in big quantity (cylinder, pump, valve), the wholesale prices can be applied in settlement.

4. Order application

The dealer shall regularly check the inventory record, and apply for parts to XGMA according to usage situation. As for the big-amount order of above 30000 USD, the dealer shall submit the demand plan to XGMA product service department prior to one month, so as to make reasonable arrangement of parts reserve.

Ⅱ Reception of XGMA parts

Parts acceptance

1. To see whether the parts packing boxes are unpacked, and parts names, specifications, PDM and quantity of parts boxes are in conformity with relevant bills.

2. Check the parts one by one according to parts sales list.

3. In case damages incurred in transport, mistaken shipment or parts shortage are found during goods reception, detailed information shall be submitted to XGMA product service department as soon as possible for coordinated handling, the concrete conditions are dependent on confirmation of both parties, and fill in XGMA Reception Report according to requirements, and submit E-mail to XGMA product service department in the month. Application for a XGMA Dealer Service Institution

4. Upon receiving XGMA parts, the dealer shall make timely check, no feedback for this month is regarded as the dealer having no objections.

Ⅲ Parts inventory keeping and maintenance

1. The damp proof, sun screening, rust prevention and theft prevention shall be done to make parts in normal situation and original usage value.

2. Rust cleaning and regular rust prevention shall be done for the parts prone to rust.

3. Charge the battery regularly.

4. The tires shall be on the horizontal plane and wedged securely by wedge blocks, and tire situations shall be checked regularly.

Ⅳ Parts warranty provisions

1. The warranty period for XGMA parts is six months since date of B/L of XGMA parts or three months since dealer selling parts to the user, the first arrival one shall govern

2. Warranty conditions:

2.1The purchased parts must be correctly installed on corresponding XGMA product, and within warranty period specified by XGMA.

2.2The parts have defects in material and manufacture.

2.3The damaged parts must be in conformity with original record number or nameplate number of XGMA product service department, and attachments and other certificates shall be provided too.

3. Coverage not in warranty service

3.1Parts installed on non XGMA products, or parts on XGMA products but not used correctly; parts not in warrant period specified by XGMA.

3.2Easy worn parts under normal maintenance, for example: scratches, piercing and wearing due to improper maintenance for filter elements, sealing members, shovel blade, shoveling blade, sharp plate, bucket lip and greases (machine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricant grease, brake fluid and antifreeze), pin roll, pin bush, brake pad, glass and tire.

3.3The electric apparatus, door lock, standard fasteners and rubber hoses are damaged not due to quality.

3.4Fracture is caused by improper keeping and operation against rules for bucket, life arm, front frame and rear frame.

3.5Failure are caused by maintenance and dismantling for machine not by XGMA special service center or XGMA approved dealer and person.

4. Parts warranty flow

4.1For failure occurred within warranty period, the dealer shall fill in XGMA Feedback Report of Parts Quality within one week, and attach relevant photos (requirements same as above), and submit to XGMA product service department by E-mail. The contents must be complete and accurate, in case fraud practice is found, the dealer is regarded as waiving the warranty service, and XGMA has the right to punish the dealer.

4.2XGMA product service department will check and answer the handling suggestions (authorized to replace parts, entrust others with repair or not to honor warranties).

4.3XGMA will honor warranties for parts, but not undertake any joint liability.

4.4The damaged parts are included in common parts list provided by XGMA, the dealer fails to supplement goods in time, resulting in inventory shortage, the air freight shall be borne by the dealer.

If damaged parts are not included in common parts list provided by XGMA, XGMA and dealer shall undertake one half freight respectively.