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XGMA Debuts on Dubai Big-5 Exhibition

Published date:2012-11-15 11:35:27 Visitor:

On Nov..4th, 2012, XGMA debuts onDubai Big-5 Exhibition, which is generally regarded as the leading constructionshow in Middle East.


XGMA took the largest size of the outdoorareas, showing XG958 wheel loader, XG825LC excavator, XG6121 roller, XG3240Sgrader, XG530-DT2 forklift.It impressed the visitors with their good qualityand diversified products. Big-5 also rewards XGMA fruitfully. On the first day,the trial order valued at 200,000USD has been signed to Libya.


XGMA has developed certain ranges of products,special for working in harsh desert sands and temperatures.For example, XG530-DT2forklift with two layer filter and high exhausting pipes is very popular inAlgeria and Saudi Arabia. XG958 with ZF transmission and axle, Parkerpumps andvalves has been available for high-end users in MENA countries.


The vice president, Mr. Ye said that XGMA hadexerted himself on overseas market for years. For sales, in 2012, XGMA hasbuilt distribution channels in Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Cameroon etc. Forservice, based on XGMA branch in Ethiopia and Dubai, XGMA can ensure punctualresponse to the customer.Meanwhile, Big 5 is a good window for XGMA to look fornew distribution channels.


According to the custom data in 2012,compared with other Chinese suppliers, XGMA has taken the first place on annualsales in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria. Taking Saudi Arabia for example,more than 700 units machines has been sold unit now, ranking at top 1 on marketshare.


XGMA has showed its ambition to lead on theregional market. With strong manufacturing, sales and service capability, nowXGMA is on the fast track of internationalization.

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