XGMA R&D Center is a State Level Enterprise R&D Center(cognized in 1995), including a post-doctoral workstation(set up in 2001). The R&D system of XGMA is established in independent development; at the same time it also makes use of the role of post-doctoral workstation in technical problem tackling and basic research, actively develops cooperation among industry, study and research and the cooperation with foreign research and technical consultant institutions, and takes full advantage of external R&D resource of the enterprise.

The R&D Center is provided with modern research and development instruments and implements the systematic design integrating machine modularization design, large sized structural parts design, three-dimensional entity modeling, finite element analysis and kinematics analysis. The comprehensive research and development strength and integration & innovative ability in wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel bulldozers, multi-functional compact construction machinery, forklift trucks and relevant parts stands in the forefront of construction machinery industry. It also owns the core technology of itself in the hydraulic system, power train, implements, energy saving and vehicle technology of construction machinery. At the same time, the R&D Center also takes active part in the constitution of national and industrial technical standards and has participated in the constitution of 7 national standards and 7 industrial standards successively

The R&D Center has advanced and perfect means for the test and inspection on products and parts. It has established experiment facilities such as power train test bench, hydraulic elements test bench, hydraulic system test bench and mobile hydraulic test bench. It is also equipped with the advanced measurement equipment including portable(φ4000), medium sized(2500*1500*1000)and large sized(8000*3000*2500)3-D measuring instruments.