Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XGMA) was founded in 1951, and became a listed company in December 1993 (stock code: 600815) on the base of the former Xiamen Engineering Machinery Plant, having a registered capital of RMB 958.969989 million and total assets about RMB 11.7 billion.

As one of the largest engineering machinery manufacturing bases in current China, XGMA now has four major R&D and production bases in Xiamen, Sanming, Jiaozuo and Taian. With an annual production capacity of 40000 loaders, 20000 excavators, 10000 forklifts and 5000 pavement construction machineries, XGMA has been a large-scale first-class key enterprise in China to produce engineering machinery products including loaders, excavators, forklifts, pavement construction machineries, small machineries, concrete machineries, piling machineries, environmental protection machineries, hoisting machineries and tunneling machineries.

Take Lead in Reform and Development of Industry by R&D and Technical Innovation and Expansion

In the past 65 years, adhering to the core value of "Innovation, Courage, Cooperation and Transcendence", XGMA has made unremitting efforts for continuous innovation. XGMA owns the National Technical Center (belonging to the 1st batch in Fujian Province established in 1995), Postdoctoral Workstation of Enterprise (belonging to the 1st batch in China established in 2001) and Academician & Specialists Workstation of Fujian Province. The Company is taking the lead in China in terms of technical strength, software and hardware conditions, R&D abilities and achievements. It has got more than 800 core patents, including the multi-functional hydraulic cylinder, return oil filtration, differential mechanism, connecting rod mechanism and dual-pump confluence/shunt equivalent controlled unloading. In 2015, XGMA successfully developed the XGJE electrical-driven intelligent control system and product  bearing China's proprietary intellectual property rights by cooperating with AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute, realizing a creative reform in control technology in engineering machinery industry and taking a lead in the intelligentization and modernization process of engineering machinery. In addition, XGMA has successfully built the urban underground development system together with China Rail Way Tunnel Stock Co., Ltd.. With this system, the Company can customize the municipal infrastructure construction system solutions for its customers, joining in the building of more beautiful cities.

XGMA has achieved many breakthroughs,  including the first 8-10t three-wheel roller (1963), first wheel loader Z435 (1964), first side forklift (1983), first middle-wheelbase loader XG955 (2004), first all-terrain forklift XGRT5130 (2010), first natural gas loader XG955CNG (2010), first natural gas excavator XG822LNG (2013), first intelligent excavator XG822i bearing proprietary intellectual property rights (2015) and first intelligent loader XG958i bearing proprietary intellectual property rights in China.

Create Quality Products with Advanced Process Equipment and Lean Management

XGMA has advanced production equipment like welding robots and large CNC machining center, and has built complete testing systems consisted of system test stand, test chamber, electric vibration test system, etc. to guarantee  reliable product quality. The Company has implemented excellent performance management, built complete management system, and conducted strict management and supervision by various review mechanisms, maximizing the benefits of customers, employees and shareholders.

Guarantee National Defense and Scientific Investigation Constructions with Excellent Quality

As a production company of military products, XGMA always provides serious products serving at the frontline in national defense construction, and has gone to places like Cambodia and Congo with the Peacekeeping Force of China to participate in world peacekeeping activities. Since 1992, XGMA has made its contributions in 11 expeditions to the Antarctic Pole and the Arctic Pole with its products including loaders, excavators and forklifts. It has become the designated national engineering machinery brand for China's scientific investigations in polar regions.

Undertake Enterprise Social Responsibilities Bravely

XGMA has always undertaken its social responsibilities as a national enterprise. For instance, it has actively participated in the emergency rescues in Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Yiliang earthquake, Shenzhen landslide, rare tornado disaster in Yancheng, Jiangsu and Hubei flood, as well as many other social welfare undertakings such as helping and supporting the poor, disabled and dropout students, making join efforts with the public for a better life.

Provide System Solutions with Effective and Energy-Saving Product Series

Relying on the effective, energy-saving, flexible, reliable, comfort and safe features, products by XGMA are widely applied in complex working conditions around the world including construction sites, mines, factories, ports, warehouses, agriculture and forestry, water conservancy, metros, tunnels, comprehensive pipe racks and underground space development. Products by XGMA have made contributions in national economic development by serving for the construction of several major national construction projects including the Three Gorges  Project, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project and the South-North Water Diversion Project. As the first batch of mainland engineering machinery products directly sold to Taiwan, the products by XGMA have also become the link for cooperation and exchanges between people of Taiwan and Mainland.

Serve for Customers with Global Sales Service Network

In the past 65 years, XGMA has taken foot in China and expanded its businesses around the world, providing great assistances for customers with high quality products and all-round services. Its products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions including Central & South America, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, enjoying good reputations both at home and abroad. The Company has nearly 200 excellent sales servicers around the world, has established 5 subsidiaries in Hong Kong, UAE, Ethiopia, Brazil and Netherlands, and also set up the bonded warehouses in Dubai and Brazil, as well as the accessory & service centers in Dubai, Ethiopia, Russia, Brazil, Algeria and Saudi Arabia, so as to quickly response to the changes and demands of markets. Rapid logistics supply system and technical support system have also been built to provide professional engineering machinery system solutions for customers.

Engineering technology, Intelligence era! XGMA is continuing to increase the investments in technical R&D and transformation and improve its product competiveness, implement internationalization strategy, further complete the engineering machinery industry chain, and establish effective operation, management and talent mechanisms, so as to build itself into a first-class international engineering machinery enterprise which takes the leading position in China with excellent assets, advanced technology and scientific management.